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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 17:39:34 -0700
From: tharmain28@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:
To: rainbowdecorators@live.com

Thank you bro,
As your customer, We appreciate your good work.
Your work was beautiful and captivating as ever.
You were one of our good choice and investment for our wedding & dinner reception.
Wish you all the best of luck.
Thank you so much

From Bride & Groom

        I'm very glad that you liked the set-up very much . Wishing you a prosperous and fun filled  married life.

Navin Robert
Rainbow Decorators Management


Testimonial from Amar & Komal

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 5:39 PM

From:"amar raaj" <amarraaj@yahoo.com>

To: "navin robert" <navinrobert@yahoo.com>

Cc: "komal kumari" <komalnvs82@yahoo.com>


Hi Navin,

Hats off!! Thatís what I can say for the team of Rainbow Decorator Management. They handled our Double Birthday Celebration for our little angels on 31st August 2009. Professionalism shown by your team was excellent. The bottom line is we are very happy to select Rainbow Decorator Management  and would strongly recommend anyone who would like to engage event management for their function to  select Rainbow Decorator Management as their preferred choice.

Thank you very much once again to Rainbow Decorator  for making our Merdeka babies birthday function as  the most memorable one.

Best Regards




Testimonial from Parveen (Winnie) & Allan

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 06:27:25 -0700
From: parveendeol_87@yahoo.com
Subject: ur testimonial


As my wedding date was nearing I was panicking as i realize the venue we chose was lacking of decoration. I had a theme all planned out in my mind for my wedding, ivory and gold. Due to availability constraint, i failed to get the venue I wanted and end up with a lousy venue in the sense the place was small and not big enough for massive decoration as how I had in my dreams and set in mind. Being in kl it was merely impossible to find a decorator in Ipoh as i was not around on weekdays and nobody knew of a decorator. Some people recommended other decorator's which did not have what Iwanted and so I rejected. I was disappointed and almost lost my mood for my wedding. The date was nearing 2 weeks before my wedding and still no decorator. I had given up hope, whatever will be will be. Then as I was in university, my lecturer rejected 1 of my business proposal assignment, she said I should try developing a system rather than developing a landscaping idea for a state. She then said I should develop perhaps a library system or a system for an event management company. I then agreed to choose to do a system for an event management company, my task now was to google event managementand find relevant information to prepare my proposal. As I was googling away, Rainbow Decorators came in the search engine with some images and small writting stating best decorators in Ipoh, out of ccuriosity i clicked on the link and WOW! I was totally impressed with their decoration, they had the things that I dreamed of having in my wedding. I then quickly contacted them and was referred to Mr. Navin, I told him exactly what I wanted, and he just knew everything. That weekend I met him together with my husband to be. My husband to be also was very impressed viewing his decoration albums and the way he presented. Mr, Navin also came up with wonderful ideas to beautify our hall. On the reception  night, my husband and I were scared if the decoration will transform that ugly looking hall and true enough as we both walked in our jaws dropped, we just  could not recognize the place anymore, it was like a total diff place and a total transformation. we were speechless and all we could say was WOW it's amazingly beautiful. Not only it was beautiful but his price is also very affordable. Thank You Mr. Navin for the wonderful job done by you and your workers. It was simply beautiful.


Testimonial from Jason & Louisa

 On Mon, 2/9/09, Jason Lum <jasonlum@namfeng.com> wrote:

From: Jason Lum <jasonlum@namfeng.com>
Subject: Re: Testimonial from Jason & Louisa
To: navinrobert@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, February 9, 2009, 6:53 PM


On my wedding night just before the dinner starts, I was really busy organizing last minutes stuff and welcoming my guest at the entrance.

Suddenly something I've forgotten caught my attention. It's the stage

backdrop set up by Navin and his Rainbow Decorators crew. Knowing Navin is not a Chinese

himself, I'd expected a western style decor, but I was wrong. The backdrop

really stood out with some fine touches of traditional Chinese decor,

that's what I felt at that very moment. It reminds me that initially I

wanted a traditional Chinese wedding but can't even find the costumes

itself. Telling myself that it's too late to think about it, it was really

a consolation to have "the feel" of a traditional Chinese wedding

mood created by Navin.


I'm glad I found Navin. The funny thing was, throughout the whole

"ordeal"to the end, we've never met each other. Everything was done by phone

conversations. Navin somehow managed to convince and gave me unspoken

assurance that he is no fly-by-night decorator and he even managed all the

planning to set up the decoration directly with the Restaurant Manager,

just to make sure I was hassle-free that day. Before writing this

testimonial, I actually wanted to write something short that sounds like

this, "It's one hell of a cheap & cheerful experience dealing with




Thank you very much.



Jason & Louisa


Testimonial from Thangaraja

Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 12:24:06 +0800
Subject: Re: FW: Rainbow Decor Quote
From: thangaraja@gmail.com
To: rainbowdecorators@live.com

I would say " Rainbow decorators provided value for money,they had fast turnaround times for queries and ideas, excellent execution and above all helped to recommend solutions or ideas whenever there were problem/issues in the function even in areas outside of their decoration scope to ensure the success of the event." 


Thanks again,



Testimonial from Deviga & Tharmaindra

thank you from the bottom of our heart!

From: deviga krisnan" <ms_dk@hotmail.com>

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To :"navin rainbow deco" navinrobert@yahoo.com

Dear Navin
I have written a testimonial which actually compliments the great work you and team did for my events.
My husband and I were actually organizing our engagement and wedding reception all by our own. Our biggest challenge was neither of us was in staying in Ipoh though our wedding reception would be held in Ipoh. Getting things prepared for the reception was just not easy. I met a few decorators in Ipoh, some were too pricey, some were not up to date and some just wanted to the decorations in their own way, without even accommodating to our need as customer.
Frustrated with those decorators I met, I decided to check out for more option via website and thatís when this one decoration caught my eye, so I quickly called up the decorator to get an appointment which was not in nearing time. However, I had an opportunity to preview of Rainbow decorator's touch and style as they have set a panthal during Thaipusam. To be honest, Rainbow decorator's panthal was the most outstanding amongst all the panthal that were set up for that year's Thaipusam in Ipoh. Thatís when my husband and I decided, we were going to get this decorator for all our events no matter how.
After our first appointment, we manage to get Rainbow decorator's dates for our event. The first event was our engagement; Navin was the personnel I liaised whom gave a very reasonable price for the decorations for our engagement which was held in our house. In fact he was not just being decorator, he and his team was helping me in getting things done as part of the preparation for engagement as such for canopy, PA system set up, etc.
One thing I notice about Rainbow decorators, they do not do the deco just for the sake of money, they are passionate about what they do and they go all way out to fulfill the customers' need.
The most challenging time I had was for my wedding reception. My husband and I were so busy, getting things as we did not have many hands to help us. Navin has done an excellent job in getting things done for my event as such ensured the deco was ready on time, having the cake placed on its table before the event, ensure the caterer and MC were at venue on time. I would not say he was being a wedding planner, instead I would rather say he was there ensuring everything was in place like my own family member - which I was very touched with. Honestly it is difficult to find such people in this business as I do not think any other decorators would have done that what Navin has done, even if they did - they would have charged me for that service.
Our every appointment with Navin, would have been a tough time for him as I admit I am a little fussy person. But towards the end of our every discussion with Navin, I will be leaving the place feeling pleased. Every request(or demand I would say) from us, Navin and his brother Lawrence would respond positively, and if they think it is not workable they would explain in a very rational way, which we were able to accept. Rainbow decoratorsí versatility towards their customer was simply commendable!
On the day of my wedding reception, as my husband and I entered porch of Town hall, we were just mesmerized with the beauty of decorations - at the stairs and lobby. As I enter the hall, I was not able to focus fully on the guests whom attended my event as my attention was taken away by those captivating decoration...from the steps of the porch till the backdrop of the stage...the beauty of the deco were just indescribable - my most favorite was the bells and jasmine till I told my photographer I want to a photo with it.
Although it has been more than a month and half my reception is over, till today those whom attended my reception give compliment about the decorations set for my reception.
Hats off to Rainbow decorators for such an awesome work they have done!
I will only recommend Rainbow decorators to all my friends and family, as Rainbow decorates are passionate about what they do and itís just not about money for them.
Thank you, Navin and team for beautifying my big day which would stay as a beautiful memory for my lifetime.
Deviga and Tharmaindra Kumar